The Organizing Cycle

COPA organizes to develop leaders with power to take effective action in public life. The organizing cycle starts with Conversation to build trust, identify interests and most importantly, to identify leaders with a desire for self-development to take effective action on behalf of their community. One-on-one meetings are held by COPA organizers and other primary leaders while house meetings are groups of 8-10 leaders held within the member institution.

Based on issues identified through individual meetings and house meetings, strategy teams will then conduct Research Actions. The purpose of Research Actions is to build relationships with public officials or private sector leaders, understand their interests and explore possible solutions. A Public Action is a public meeting of COPA leaders and the official(s) or private sector leaders to make public a negotiated agreement and demonstrate an exchange of power around a particular issue and plan of action.

Following every action or meeting, leaders take time for Evaluation as a means of learning and leadership development. Leaders reflect with the organizer on what was gained, what could have been done better, how did leaders change and grow, and strategize on the next steps.

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