Leadership Structure

There are multiple levels of decision-making within the organization. These vehicles overlap and are NOT a rigid hierarchy.  Instead, they are necessarily tied to the appetite and experience of leadership.

  • Core Teams: body of leaders within each member institution.
  • County Strategy Teams: in each county where leaders can share their experiences and strategize across institutions.
  • Issue Strategy Teams: cross-member teams who take the lead on research and constructing the power analysis on regional issues like Housing or Immigration.
  • Delegates Assembly: gatherings of leaders across the region that occur at least two times per year when all of COPA comes together to ratify major decisions, engage in cross county relational work and teach universals of organizing from local strategies and wins.
  • Regional Strategy Team: a body made of 8 to 12 primary leaders who want to think and strategize for the whole organization.  This body conducts all functions of a Board of Directors

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