How We Organize

Broad-based, institutional organizing

COPA is a broad-based organization consisting of membership-based organizations. We are building an organization of institutions, not of individuals. Individuals come and go, but institutions such as churches, congregations, synagogues, schools, unions, and membership-based nonprofits are vessels of relationships among people with shared values of faith, democracy, solidarity and traditions of mutual obligation within the life of a community. We organize across institutions to bring together a diverse cross section of the region, rich and poor, immigrant and citizen, English speakers and Spanish speakers, and people of any creed and race. Individual institutions have limited power to change the social, economic and political constraints on their families, but collectively, a mix of institutions can organize around mutual interests to achieve change for the common good.

There are 3 responsibilities for membership in COPA:

  1. To build a core team of leaders responsible for organizing within the institution.
  2. To participate in the broad-based organization of institutions.
  3. To pay membership dues.

For more information about membership in COPA, contact the COPA office to speak to a leader or organizer.

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